3 Day Workshop

Expected Outcomes for you and your Salon

While results differ and are unique to each Salon Business situation, typical outcomes that participants in our education experience include:

  • A transformation from “just a job” to a thriving business
  • Greater profitability from increased sales of products and services
  • Less stress because the business runs smoothly
  • Improved attraction and retention of staff
  • The chance to enjoy life more, knowing that proven systems and methodologies are in place to keep the business running.

Added Resources

Your registration in the 3 Day Workshop includes access to:


The 3 day event is supported by 12 self paced e-learning modules designed to enable the participant to develop and implement the learning into their salon business.

Resource Centre

A Resource Centre provides access to all the tools and templates used throughout the programme – making it easy for you to access what you need.

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I am planning to open a Salon. Would this programme work for me?

We have had a number of participants in the programme who have not opened their salon or they are just opening one. These participants have found the investment well worth while and the timing perfect.

What is different about the Servilles Salon Business Education?

One of our key points of difference is that we have 5 World Class Salons that we get to apply the principles of the programme to every day.

We test it and see what works and what doesn’t, and what it takes to make it work. We are doing it and have the practical know-how. Our programme is full spectrum. At the end of the workshop you will see how each part of your Salon Business is essential and how it all links together. No one part stands in isolation.

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