Group Coaching

What is Group Coaching

Group Coaching is an online coaching programme led by a coaching facilitator with a maximum of 5 participants in each group.

Why it’s important

The intention of the Group Coaching is to ensure that each salon owner has their essential structures in place and they can confidently use these tools to maximise the impact on their salon business.

How it works

Every 2 weeks the group will meet online at an agreed time.

The session subjects are:

Session One: Setting up your 90 Day Goals.

Session Two: Salon Model – getting your structures right.

Session Three: Tracking success through your salon dashboards and benchmarks.

Session Four: Getting the right incentives to motivate your team.

Session Five: Consultation.

Session Six: Building accountability through your stylists one page plan.

What are the benefits

The Group Coaching is a structured conversation where all participants are invited to share and contribute. People learn off each other and share their victories.

At the end of the Group Coaching each salon owner will have the essential salon structures in place , know how they work and will be able to confidently lead and manage their salon using these structures.

Group Coaching is a great way to reinforce and consolidate the learning of the 3 Day Workshop.

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What happens if I can’t make one of the sessions?

We encourage you to make every effort to be at each session but sometimes this is not possible. Where the session has been recorded you will have access to that. Alternatively the session facilitator will arrange a catch up session.

I am not very IT savvy – will I be able to use the teleconference technology?

It is our experience that once you are set up and on the call it is something that people become very comfortable with very quickly. We will ensure you have what you need to get you started.

If I have an issue that I don’t feel comfortable sharing with the group can I discuss with Servilles Business Education off line?

Yes absolutely. While we encourage Salon Owners to share with the rest of the group we recognise this is not always possible and we can accommodate this situation.

Will we be able to make contact in between sessions?

Yes absolutely. We encourage you to send in your work for feedback and welcome any questions you have. Everyone is busy and in most cases the best way of communicating is via email.

All prices are quoted and payable in local currency