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What is MOST

MOST is a Webapp designed specifically for the hair industry.

MOST stands for Maximise Opportunities Sales Tracker.

How it works

MOST is a Webapp that can be loaded onto phones or tablets.

Each stylist will have a licence.

See the screenshots to see how MOST works.

Why it’s important

Designed by Paul Serville, it is based on his experience as a stylist.

At the beginning of each day, Paul would look at his column and see what was currently booked. Paul’s mindset was that all his clients deserved to have the full experience and it was his role to first identify the opportunties for each client and to present those opportunities.

MOST is a tool that supports stylists going through this process.

It helps to ensure that every client has the opportunity to be delighted. And it helps to ensure that the stylist captures the revenue opportunities in exchange for providing that service.

What are the benefits

The benefit to your clients is that they have the opportunity to receive a full service. Whether they choose to do that is up to them, but they have the opportunity.

Each stylist will have different outcomes but generally the stylist could expect a significant increase in their earnings when they make MOST a part of the way they do things.

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Do all my Stylists need to be doing this?

Ideally they would but it is not essential. Some stylists are more “hungry” for it than others. So it makes sense to let them run with the tool first. Other stylists will soon be wanting it when they see it in action.

How do I get my team doing it regularly?

Like anything it takes effort to make something a habit. This is no exception. We encourage salons that are taking on MOST to run a promotion among team members to see who can complete the most days in a row. Once it has become a habit and the team can see the benefits then they will do it automatically. It will be an essential part of their toolkit.

What if I want to cancel my licence(s)?

The agreement is for an initial 3 month period and we do this because it is important you trial it for 3 months consistently so you can see the benefit. After that 3 month period you can cancel a licence with a month’s notice

Who owns the Licence?

The agreement is between your salon and Servilles Business Education. You may wish to recoup some of the licence fee by oncharging some of the monthly fee. That is up to each individual salon owner.

Do I get a discount if I buy licences for all my stylists?

No. To make it simple we have a flat rate for all licences.

What sort of results can I expect?

This will vary from stylist to stylist however our experience is that you can expect to get a significant return on the investment of the licence.

All prices are quoted and payable in local currency