One on One Coaching

What is One on One Coaching

One on One Coaching is an Online Coaching Programme customized to the needs of individual salons. It is delivered fortnightly in 2 hour sessions.

The duration of the coaching agreement is dependent on the needs of the salon owner.

Why it’s important

It is designed specifically for salons who are wanting rapid growth or have specific issues they need to address.

How it works

Whereas the Group Coaching programme has specific topics for each session, the One On One Coaching is more flexible and focuses in on the specific areas that the salon owner needs to go to work on.

What are the benefits

Being One On One the coaching is able to bring the resources of the Servilles team to focus on the specific issues that the salon owner is addressing.

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Should I do Group Coaching or One On One Coaching?

Our recommendation for most salon Owners is that they register in the Group Coaching. However some salon’s will benefit significantly from the focus that One on One Coaching offers.
If you are a salon that is already growing rapidly and want to utlise the

resources of the Servilles team to support that growth then One On One Coaching could be right for you.
Or if you are a salon that is needing to undergo significant change (we call this Urgency/Emergency) One on One Coaching could be the right program for you.

All prices are quoted and payable in local currency