Salon Dashboard
*only available to SBE Workshop graduates

What is a Salon Dashboard

The Salon Dashboard is a web based tool that links to your Point of Sales system and extracts data.

It uses that data to track the actual performance of each stylist and measures it against agreed benchmarks.

Results can be viewed on iPad or computer with a Visual Display that enables you to see what is happening in an instant.

Why it’s important

Productivity is one of the critical components of your salon’s success. Your Salon Dashboard tracks productivity and importantly it identifies those areas that are performing well and those that may be challenged.

By identifying what is working, the stylist and the salon manager can immediately go to work on developing solutions and improving the performance even further.

How it works

The Salon Dashboard reports results with a very short lag of 24 hours. This means you know how you are performing and what you need to be doing or adjusting to achieve the goals that have been set.

View the Webinar/ Video to see the kind of information you can obtain for you and your stylists.

What are the benefits

  • Your stylists can track their own performance
  • It is customised for each stylist and your salon
  • Technology makes it available anywhere
  • Data is extracted and updated on a daily basis so you are always addressing what is happening almost in “real time”
  • It sets up the game and enables you and your team to celebrate best practice and performance

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What are the Set Up Costs?

Each salon set up is different and it is important that we get you set up properly right from the start. We need to make sure you have the right benchmarks for your salon and that you are able to extract the data correctly from your Point of Sale System. This is a one-off cost.

Why can’t my Salon use the Salon Dashboard with our POS System?

The Salon Dashboard needs to be able to “talk” to the POS System to ensure the data is extracted properly. To achieve this we need the collaboration of the supplier of the point of sale system. We are currently negotiating with other providers and hope to be able to offer you the use of the Salon Dashboard in the near future.

Why do I need to have done the 3 Day Workshop to be able to use the Salon Dashboard?

The Salon Dashboard is a great way of tracking the performance of your salon and individual stylists but on its own it does not give you the full story. Think of a warning light on the dashboard of your car. It is one thing to know that there is a warning light but then you need to have some expertise to be able to address the issue that is causing the warning light to occur. This is what the 3 Day Workshop does. It provides you with the “expertise” to be able to read the Salon Dashboard and then go to work addressing the cause. Then you get the true value of the Salon Dashboard.

What are the results I can expect if I use the Salon Dashboard?

Every salon is different. But you can be certain that if you use the Salon Dashboard as a core tool on an everyday basis you will see an increase in your salon’s performance and productivity.

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