See the Difference

How Servilles Business Education has helped our clients

I was in a terrible place with my business before hearing about the Servilles programme. The salon was losing money and all my 15+ years experience in owning salons seemed at a loss. Thanks to the programme it gave me opportunities to see my business in a different way and find the things that needed adjustment and results began to occur. Within 8 months the salon felt alive, fresh and I too was feeling positive and found new passion. In all it prevented me from bankruptcy and put me back on track with my career goal. So a big thank you to the Servilles Team.

Naomi Carter

Thank you all, especially Paul and Jackie. I feel I have come away with a whole new approach to managing a business and the people in it. To me it was worth it, if only I had done this at the start of my business 12 years ago.

Leanne Tigchelaar

I’ve found the course is spot on with my expectations (which were incredibly high). We increased revenue by 32% and grew Operating Profit by 11%.