Talent Optimiser Profile

Have you ever wondered why your team do what they do? The way they do it? Have you wondered what motivates your team and how you can optimize their potential? Have you wanted to create a development programme for your talent but don’t know where to start?

The TOP Profile is a valuable tool for any salon business owner or manager to better understand, motivate and optimise the potential of their talent.

What is TOP

TOP (Talent Optimiser Profile) is an adaptation of an internationally acclaimed behavioral profiling tool. It has been adapted by Servilles specifically for the hairdressing industry.

It provides you and your team with an understanding of why people do what they do. TOP provides information on:

  • How the individual is typically seen by others
  • What motivates them
  • What situations are likely to reduce that motivation (what they try to avoid)?
  • Their natural strengths
  • Their development area

Why it’s important

TOP is like an instruction manual for you and your team.

For yourself you get to see what situations you excel in and where you get challenged.

When you are aware of that you are more able to adapt your behavior to meet the requirements of your Leadership/Management role.

For your team you are better able to understand what motivates and challenges them in their role and interactions with you, your team and your clients.

With the awareness that TOP gives you, you are more able to optimise the talent that each one of your team have.

How it works

How to Use TOP

1. Start by completing a profile for yourself. This will enable you to get an understanding of how to go work on yourself. Simply click on the link.

2. When you have worked with your TOP Profile and have a good understanding of how it works for you and you are familiar with the key elements of it, then you can invite your team to complete theirs.

3. By working with individuals you, and they, can get a good understanding of when they operate at their best, when they are challenged and how they like to be led and managed to optimise their potential.

4. Once the team have all completed their profile you will have an understanding of the different behavior profiles you have in your team, the dynamics of that profile and how your team can best work together. This understanding typically makes a big difference to the culture of salon business.

5. When recruiting, invite a prospective team member to complete their profile. If they are applying for a specific management, front desk or administration role you will be able to ascertain whether they have the right profile for the role. If they are applying for a stylist role then you will be able to identify how best to lead and manage them.

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How could I use TOP in my Salon?

At Servilles we have been using TOP for many years and find it an essential part of the way we work together. By knowing each other’s strengths and challenges, we can adapt our own styles to better communicate and motivate.
Each profile likes to be communicated in a different way, by knowing this and being willing to adapt we are much more likely to communicate powerfully and influence the team member.

Why are their different profiles for Leadership/Manager, Front Desk and Stylist?

Each of these roles require different competencies. The Front Desk Manager role has certain competencies which may not be the same competencies that the Salon Leader/Manager role has.

Do I need to get everyone in my team to do it?

No. It is not essential but over time we recommend that you do. Start with the salon leader first and then engage your senior team.

Do I need to update my TOP? Does it change?

Over time there can be some changes to people’s profile but typically it does not change much over time.

What if my team members don’t want to do it?

We have found that there is a high level of interest and enthusiasm for the profiles however there will always be some people who would prefer not to do it. That is fine for your existing team members but we recommend that if you are recruiting, you make it compulsory if they want the job.

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